May be all yes for Scotland but its not all over

After all the voting results are 55% and 45%.But this all happen for an reason.the question,Is Scotland be the part of UK or not .All who says yes are may have safer future then those who says no.Like north east there are big chances that all Scottish may choose the Demolition Mode.As we all know success is on next door but needs no patience and no rest .


But the other side to remain as the part of united kingdom is good for Scottish people to be the power of the strongest power.and be safer and feel free.


The next big thing is that people of Scotland have not to fight for other country but fight for free country and new laws for new future.

Scotland votes on independence today

Liberated Way

A clear choice of liberty or slavery to the status quo.

The Union Jack as shown in this photo will never fly again from Colchester Castle if Scotland votes YES for independence. The Union Jack as shown in this photo will never fly again from Colchester Castle if Scotland votes YES for independence.

I am self-employed, I chose a path that is insecure and unpredictable, either one of great success or financial ruin.  In the same way the people of Scotland will make a choice today of security by staying in the Union with England, or the insecure and unpredictable road of independence.

I am unable to predict the outcome of the vote for Scottish independence, despite being good at predicting political outcomes.  I think the Scottish people have a clear choice of either: NO, staying with the Union, enjoying the security of the known, believing the key message of the bankers, corporates, globalists and the political establishment that bad things will happen to them if they vote YES; or vote…

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Something Fishy in the Scottish Polls

Scottish polls

Emerald News Network

There are two full days remaining before polls open over Scotland in a referendum that will determine whether Scotland, after 307 years of London rule, will remain with or leave the United Kingdom. Over the weekend the British state broadcaster, the BBC, highlighted the rather dubious, and embarrassingly anachronistic, support for the Better Together pro-Union campaign offered by the intensely sectarian Orange Order in its parade through the streets of Edinburgh. Yet on the other side of Scotland, in Glasgow, tens of thousands of Yes supporters crowded the streets in celebration of their anticipated referendum victory on Thursday, and not a single mention was made of it by the BBC. Over the latter stages of the campaign the BBC have been found to remove Yes supporters from the background of its ‘special reports’ and Photoshop ‘No’ signs where there were none. Under increasing pressure from the people of Scotland, and…

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Top 5 countries that need immediate revolution

The revolution is all about sacrifies and some dreams.when i read the the post ond and,something going on my mind is unlucky those people are and what they sacrifies till now. doing all well work for those but it is not enough.
The citizens of those countries are unable to eat two times a day,if they able to eat it they go throw a very hard working routine.if it stays like that,the next genrations of those countries have to do more and more sacrifices.And those unlucky countries are like that:

Annual Income per capital Is $500.

Annual Income Per Person Is $436.

3.Central African Republic
Annual Income per person Is $300.

Annual Income per person Is $253.

1.Democratic Republic of Cong
Annual Income per person is just $236.

That is i have for the poorest countries of world but the people of those countries are very hard work and hope is the only thing they know.
Thanks to UN.ORG and HRW.ORG

A passionate Employee

One night is not enough to make a big company,but when it comes to the proccess of making a company successfull,the hard work of day and night by an employee is very important.may be CEO is owner or the one who run the company.but an employee is the real owner of productiviy,profitibilty and growth.
”Few people discover the work the love”write lance secreton in his book leadership.
“At for too many companies,when you come into the office you put on mask”writer kellehar.
So,how we create passionate employees.

#1.Recruit the right people.

#2.use social media to check there posts.if they are passionate,An servey shows, 75% of there posts about the passion or work they love.

Formal and informal Group can produce Good employees.
that’s it ,how one person become a passionate employee.

Is it matters?

When we start any business or any other work the first question come in our mind, is it matter or not?
So,basically there are some questions come in our mind specily for starting a may be know that questions but definations are important then question.for every businessman or a entrepreneur it is important that he should do some case studies.but for now what are those 5 question that force us to think about is it matter or not?
#1.who is a entrepreneur?
Ans-An entrepreneur has have the qualities of a good person or we can say a entrepreneur has equal qualities of a good husband,son,parent and a best leader.every one has its own qualities of becoming a good or great business man.

Startegy of my future to next level

After all my parent efforts my craze for soccer is not going down.Low grades in exams every time and i tell a lie after a lie to my parents.but as we know the lie never hidden for long time,at the end of year the exams come and the result as expected is bad much you can say.i failed in 4 out of 5 exams.and this time i have nothing to ray.the report cart will automatticly send to my parents.i broke there heart,now all dreams of becoming are doctor are dead in deep sea.but my parents like all of us,never critisized me and always motivate me .And they tell me may be becoming a doctor is not your future,it is not in your luck.i thanks then for that.
Now i changed the school and change my future and chose economics and busines administrative as my future.I work very hard now.i learn alot from my past i am still a big fan of real madrid. i choose busines as my life companins.i do it all for my parents who gave me birth and let me able to see the word.there happines is also mine.I do very well in busines studies and marketing.Its going good now.I near to start my own vc.